Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to school again!

School officially started for all of our children this week. Our oldest was just beside herself "excited" about 8th grade. I was NEVER that excited about school starting. She talked for at least 2 1/2 hours when she got home. Of course, I had to be looking at her while she talked so I could get the full affect. She is crazy! I cherish these times and am so thankful that she is so full of life! (No sulky teen in my least not yet!)

The boys were not quite as excited as their sister to start the new school year. I was able to get them to take the "first day of school" picture with grins on their faces. We have had a slow start but that is the beauty of home schooling. Monday we needed one more fun family day. Then we had to take some time yesterday and have a back to school swim at the pool with some friends. Today was a little more serious and productive in the way of academics.

The kids are growing up so fast. The start of a new school year always reminds me of how time is flying and how we only have a short time to influence these wonderful gifts God has blessed us with. My prayer is that they will listen to the still small voice of their Creator and follow after Him with all their heart, soul and strength.


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