Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dossier arrived in Ukraine

We spoke with our facilitator yesterday and she had received our paperwork. We were excited that she was able to get it a few days earlier than scheduled. There are some issues with the paperwork that we will have to fix. We were really hoping it would all be "good" but aren't surprised that we have some errors to fix. So...tomorrow we begin working on the documents that need to be changed and hope to get them in the mail as soon as possible. Our facilitator in Ukraine still has to finish translating, notarize the documents and show them to the adoption department to make sure everything looks good before the official submission appointment on Sept. 8th. Please pray that we can get the paperwork corrected quickly and the facilitator in Ukraine will have enough time to finish everything before the appointment. We are also praying that our updated approval from the US government will come in quickly so that can get that to her. We are so thankful to have someone on the ground in Kiev working with us to get this done correctly. She helped some friends of ours with an adoption a few years ago. We are praying that she will see the mighty work of God during this process and come to know Him personally. This adoption is so much more than we can see...our view is so limited and God's plan is so BIG! Thank you for coming along side us with prayers and support!


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